Loan chabanol  |  Founder



Loanimation is founded by Loan Chabanol. Her passion for animation and children’s stories pushed her to go further into creating a very personal content of what the imaginary world could be if we kept the vision we use to have when watching old animated movies. Immerging into the world of animation with staying faithful to the work of artists to help them tell their stories in a very simple way where “visual art” meets animation.


Visual Art

Conceptualized by artist Loan Chabanol, the “Phoenix” is an exploration of the mystical bird inspired by the unique visual effect of his journey into the air. The animation Chabanol created comes from an original drawing that comes to life and transforms softly and venerably into a symbol that ultimately find the strength in the knowledge that “ Something new always rises from a little death “ REAL ET Quote.



REAL ET depicts the quest of a sensitive character and his difficulties to communicate with the world throughout the challenges of Life.  He feels somehow different, an outsider but has the true desire to progress and learn from his mistakes. Is it based on Loan Chabanol’s first Art exhibition and shows a series of paintings tell by little quotes of poetry.

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